Sunday, October 11, 2009

HLS Reduces Its Wasteline

At the suggestion of the Green Living Reps, the HLS student government recently conducted a poll to determine student attitudes towards the potential elimination of paper cups at the free coffee stations around campus. We're excited to report that the overwhelming majority of students said they supported such an effort! The Dean of Students is now in the process of purchasing reusable mugs for 1L's and LLM's (reusable mugs were handed out to 2L's and 3L's last year) and working out an implementation plan that will address the many of the helpful comments that were received from student voters. A related post can be found on the HLS Student Government blog:

Americans use four hundred and ten thousand disposable paper cups every 15 minutes. Chris Jordan depicts this in his artwork, above, which can be found at

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  1. DID YOU KNOW? The Original Harvard Reusable Mug
    These days it’s almost as if reusable mugs grow on trees (we wish). But 20 years ago, these mugs were just getting their start. According to Rob Gogan, head of Harvard Recycling and Waste Removal and Harvard environmental trivia enthusiast, the university’s first reusable mugs were purchased by HLS’ Environmental Law Society. The original mugs, which made their debut for Earth Day 1990 were white and decorated with a picture of the Earth and the text “GAIA” in the Harvard shield (ala “VERITAS”).