Monday, November 30, 2009

And the Winner Is . . . Shaw!

Shaw Victorious in Energy Competition  

The residents of Shaw took first place in the "Reduce Your Juice" energy-use reduction competition this year.  To achieve this great honor, Shaw-onians performed simple but significant environmental feats such as turning off unused lights, unplugging power cords, and setting power saving modes on their computers.  For their efforts, residents will receive a celebratory dinner - in addition to eternal fame, of course.  

Holmes and Ames, which made significant reductions in the final week, tied for a close second place.  

All of the dorms reduced their energy use by 1-5% over the course of the 4-week-long competition.  This might seem like small potatoes, but if the savings from the one month electricity competition were to be extended throughout the entire year, this would amount to around 1 MTCDE (metric tons carbon dioxide equivalents), which is roughly 100 gallons of gasoline.    

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