Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Art of Green Gifting

Come join the HLS Green Living Representatives for cookies (yay!), tea, and a workshop on how to wrap and give sustainable gifts! Learn how to save money and impress your friends and family with recycled gift wrapping, reusable items, and homemade gifts. Get your fill of creativity and cookies this Thursday, 12/10, Pound 335, at 3:00 pm.

More than 1 million extra tons of trash end up being tossed each week between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Help make this excess garbage disappear with these magical green wrapping and giving tips:  

Learn how to make this amazing bow from magazine pages and old maps.  Use a perfume sample page for a scented bow!

For a simpler but just-as-cute option, try this alternative bow, made from pages of a used book.

Country Living also has a lot of great reusable wrapping ideas, such as wrapping with sheet music.  Their website also shows you how to make your own flower gift toppers, which can be created using old newspapers or sewing patterns. shows you how to weave wraps from grocery bags and scraps of paper, like this wrapping art:

"Furoshiki" is wrapping with cloth.  Here are some techniques you can use:

You can also make your own shipping package from store bags.  Also, alternatives to packing peanuts are always appreciated - try real peanuts!  

If you are looking for gifts to try these new wrapping techniques on, try homemade options from used material, like this t-shirt-turned bag.  (Instructions here.)

Also, check out items from earlier posts under Your Green Holiday Gift Guide, Installments 1,2, and 3.  

Finally, make your own mini-terrarium by using a clear incandescent light bulb!  You may have some laying around if you have recently replaced yours with more energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.  (Idea from apartment therapy)


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